AFS Building Group Partners

About Us

AFS Building Group was founded in 1991 by two original partners, Wayne Griffin and George Brunell, who had long before become friends and worked on joint projects.  Each brought more than 20 years of commercial and residential construction experience to their new business.


Fifteen years later we decided to grow our business and expand our services to a larger area of the Valley.  Our long time friend, Tony Dotolo, was brought on board as a partner to help achieve growth without losing our personal involvement with clients and their dreams.  The three partners have taken on the challenge of growing our business while promoting AFS Building Group’s client centered principles and values as the way we conduct business. 


AFS Building Group has come to embody the vision of its partners; to work with a client to bring their dream into reality. Our family of clients has been able to achieve the desired changes to their homes and we have been privileged to be by their side with unparalleled customer service, quality workmanship, and innovation.  These skills are nurtured and enhanced through on-going education.


The future for AFS Building Group will always have quality and customer service at its core.  We anticipate that our future growth, as with our past, will be controlled allowing for highly individualized service and maximum customer satisfaction.  Superior service matched with quality and innovation is brought to projects through our love of the business of fulfilling client dreams.